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Writer's Block: Copy that

How do you feel about human cloning? Do you think the long-term societal impact will be positive or negative? Why?
If they can figure out how to clone just certain parts of the body to use as replacement parts (eliminating or greatly reducing the need for organ donors) but NOT a whole human being, I'd be all for it. Especially if they found a way to clone blood. But the world has enough people on it without cloning more.

Besides, there's no reason to clone existing people. Clones are like identical twins; there may be similarities, but there will be differences too. Cloning Albert Einstein would be pointless because there'd be just as much a chance of the clone being a regular person (or being mentally challenged) as there would of him being a genius. And even if you were to raise Albert 2 in optimal genius conditions, can you imagine the kind of stress that would put on a child? That poor kid would have to live up to the standards of Albert fucking Einstein! If you thought it was difficult being expected to follow in the footsteps of your parents or a sibling to begin with, this would be at least 10 times worse. I can imagine young Albert 2 getting so frustrated with trying to live up to the expectations of him that he rebels and runs away to Tibet to become a Buddhist monk, or runs off and joins a biker gang, or does something else with his life.

However, there might eventually be other applications of cloning a whole human body. In my Mindeodean stories, the Mindeodean military comes up with a new kind of soldier that makes the perfect cannon fodder because they're cloned without brains. Called Meat Puppets, they have computers in place of brains and can be remote-controlled.

EDIT: I do, however, approve of the use of cloning to clone animals killed off by humanity's recklessness. Dodo birds, the thylocine, and so on.
Tags: cloning, scifi, writer's block
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