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Funny idea

Funny idea: Teenager applying for his first job, the application asks to explain any gaps in employment. Kid is a smart-ass and so writes, "For the first couple years of my unemployment, I couldn't even walk or talk. I was completely dependent on my parents - I couldn't even feed myself! And I kept going #1 and #2 in my pants. Through years of hard work and determination, I overcame these obstacles and learned how to walk, talk, read, write, use the toilet instead of my pants, clothe and feed myself (though Mom still insists on doing these last two for me as much as she can). I was also legally barred from employment until just recently, when I had my most recent birthday. After going through all that, I can foresee nothing in life being too difficult, especially not a job at your fine establishment."

Think he'd get hired? :-)
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