The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Writer's Block: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

Are there any classic holiday movies or TV shows that you look forward to watching year after year? What are your all-time favorites? Are there any you simply can't stand?
I don't really like holiday movies, with the exception of "Elf." That was funny! But for the most part, Christmas movies are like Christmas music - exposed to it so much during the holiday seasons that I get really fucking tired of hearing it.

It's even worse when many of the Christmas tunes have been attached to advertisments in such a way that when I hear those tunes I hear the advertisement's filk of the song. Kinda sucks to hear a Christmas song and I suddenly think about Pine-Sol or Swiffer or something because of it.
Tags: writer's block
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