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A neat thought.

Okay, I just had a brainwave and I wanted to run it by y'all. Well first of all, I should note that what gave me the idea was that I had Mindeodean adopt Michio Kaku's idea of superconductors under the streets to allow for a sort of maglev kind of thing (these are high-temp superconductors; they operate at the temperature of liquid nitrogen)1, since superconductors have a repulsive magnetic force. Mindeodean uses metamaterials to enhance this repulsive effect. I got to thinking about other possibilities of ways to use superconductors that way, and one possibility that came up was that I wondered if it might be possible to create a magnetic "laser". I was going to go with "maser," but that term is already taken. But yeah, the idea is a focused, directed beam of magnetism. It could have many interesting applications if possible.

1 = They double as the power grid.
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