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Anyone got a dream dictionary handy?

Any idea what it means to have a black panther in one's dream? What about a tiger? Does it say anything about what it means if the black panther has a wounded paw due to a (presumed) fight with the tiger? These two big cats were right outside my door in the dream. Well, not my door here; this dream took place in the farm house we used to live in back in Wiota, Iowa. (Glass door.)

I also had a dream with kengr in it, one I can barely remember. I remember that I thought something was after me, but everyone thought it was my imagination; even *I* wasn't sure. Dunno how kengr fit into it, but my dad was there too. In the dream I was having panic attacks and crying almost constantly, two things I rarely or never do in real life. (I don't think I've ever had a panic attack in real life.) Also, strangely, I swapped bodies with some woman in a wheelchair for some reason. Although that might've been a different dream. I didn't remember any of this second paragraph's dreams until halfway through writing the first paragraph.
Oh yeah! Dad apparently knew I'd switched bodies, as he was the one driving the handicapped-equipped van. And I remember now: it *was* the same dream, because I was having one of my crying fits in the van.

And that's all I can remember for now.
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