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This would be EPIC

I want a mobile home small and/or light enough to be hitched to (and pulled along by) a bicycle. With a bed (cot), a toilet, a way to hook it up to electricity, a way to lock the bike up to the mobile home (to prevent the bike or its tires getting stolen), a microwave, a place to store some food (cans and other non-perishables), and a very light desk or something to put my laptop on while I work on it, or write at. And a skylight that can be covered up to prevent spying. Oh! Also a shower, and hookups for hot and cold water. That would be so cool. Everything I need, and no need to pay for gas. (Well, some of my stuff would have to be stored elsewhere, but oh well.) And room for my clothes.

And while I'm fantasizing, I think I'd like to insulate it with aerogel and wallpaper the inside with that space blanket material. (Which I would take down in summer.) I *think* the aerogel would keep it cool in the summertime, but if not, I could just pedal it to someplace with air conditioning, lock it up, and spend all day in the AC.

Got the idea from a blueprint I saw online earlier.
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