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Five gratitudes

Haven't done these in a while, because I haven't had more than one or two to put on the list for a while, but today I have three I can think of off the top of my head, so here we go.

1. Got a letter from Providence saying I have 100% financial aid from them until February! WOOT!

2. Having my creative muse back.

3. That I had enough money come into my bank account to not only dig myself out of a bottomless hole and pay this week's rent and last week's rent, but had enough left over to take out $5 for laundry, pay the new credit card a payment of $5, and still have a positive balance on my account.

4. Grateful for the mysterious $70 charge reversal on my bank account that helped make #3 possible.

5. Grateful to Tina at US Bank for helping me find a way to get out of that hole I was in, even if it required getting a credit card to do so.

And since I've been wanting to rediscover that magical mindset where the universe seems to be working in your favor all the time (I used to have it, then lost it!), towards that end I am going to count these things as signs that the universe is on my side again. (Not that it ever stopped being, but one's mindset has a lot to do with how well it works.)
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