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Another "fab"ulous idea.

I was just watching this video, and the comment below it that "Thirty years ago the technology in this toy would have cost $100,000" made me think of another advertisement from the Mindeodean universe:

Get a ToyFabber 2000 for your child this holiday season! Pre-programmed with over 1000 different toy designs ranging from simple blocks to the latest toy robots and toy spacecrafts, the ToyFabber 2000 is the gift that keeps on giving! For just three easy payments of 100 credits, you can keep your child delighted and entertained for the rest of the year! So don't delay, order today! (Not intended for children under five Terran years of age. Contains moving parts. Adult supervision strongly advised. Element canisters sold separately. Fabulous Fabbers Inc. is not responsible for amputated fingers and other damage resulting from using this product improperly. But if that happens, may we recommend the MediFab 9000?)
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