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Client cards

On omni_magick, I just posted a post about "cartomancy solitaire" - cartomancy for changing your future, influencing it. And part of it mentions client cards. So... speaking of client cards, I'm beginning to wonder if King of Clubs is really my client card. Those of you who know me well, which of these fit me best (forget about gender and hair color for a minute):

# King – A good-natured, impetuous, fair-haired man
# Queen – A trustworthy, affectionate, fair-haired woman
# Jack – A close friend

# King – An honest, generous, dark-haired man
# Queen – An attractive, self-confident, dark-haired woman
# Jack – A reliable friend

# King – A stubborn quick tempered, fair-haired man
# Queen – A flirtatious, sophisticated, fair-haired woman (I'm leaning towards this one)
# Jack – A relative, not altogether reliable

# King – An ambitious dark haired man
# Queen – An unscrupulous dark-haired woman
# Jack – A well meaning but lazy acquaintance

Be aware that my Goddess Shao'Kehn is Queen of Spades. Though She was Queen of Hearts in one Discordian story I wrote. :-)

Anyone who says Jack of Spades will be turned into a toad. :-) Though I wouldn't be offended being called a Queen of Spades.

Chaotic Blessings;
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