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Pissed off over "pissed off"

Just got a new moodtheme, a Questionable Content moodtheme. It's working just fine except for one thing: the picture for "pissed off" is wrong. It's supposed to be a picture of Marigold, but it isn't; it's inheriting the picture from "angry," and it's not supposed to. I keep deselecting the checkbox for inherit, and giving it the URL of the picture it's supposed to use, and hit save, and it just completely ignores my input. I even tried reuploading the picture and changing the picture's name, and it just won't listen. I've given up. This is ridiculous.

EDIT: Don't let anyone tell you persistence never pays off. Ha! Well, I had to switch to a different mood theme before editing it this time, but still, persistence pays off!
Tags: anger
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