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The incredible vanishing cookie sheet

The cookie sheet, IE the flat baking sheet, is missing again. I have no idea where it could possibly be, and that frustrates me because if it's not in the kitchen, there's really nowhere else it could be. No one would have any legitimate reason to take it out of the kitchen, and even if they did, it would be obvious. You can't exactly hide it. I mean, you can't really clean it 100%, so I doubt you'd want to hide it under anything.

I'm near tears with frustration right now because this shit only ever happens when I need it! And as far as I can tell it's not even in the apartment anymore, but it *has* to be *somewhere* in here. I think the goddamn fairies are hiding it; it's the only explanation that makes any sense. Because this happened once before, it vanished out of the apartment entirely and then mysteriously reappeared a few days later in the kitchen. Goddamn fairies.
Tags: annoying stuff, goddamn fairies, random
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