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Awesome solution to a problem!

I was at this thing earlier today, inside a building with no access to a computer all day long until now (though I suppose I could have taken my laptop if I wanted to), and my liePod (my name for my MP4 player because it bears a strong resemblance to an iPod but isn't) was getting empty of energy. It recharges with a USB cord, which I had, but I had no computer to plug it into, and anyway the computers tend to wig out when you unplug it without ejecting it, so I always eject/safely remove it, which is a lot of hassle if all I want to do is recharge it. So I was thinking about getting a plug that would fit into a wall on one end and the USB connection on the other, but I don't have any money to spare for that.

Anyway, just a little bit ago I had an awesome idea for a solution, and decided to test it. I took my powered USB hub, plugged it in, and stuck the powered cord in one of the USB sockets and the other end into the liePod. And it works! It's recharging that way! Might not be quite as efficient as a more direct approach, but it works!
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