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Gender issues make the news

I realized today that I've been tending towards flowing positively lately. I realized this because being bitched out by one of the servers today (who was obviously grumpy) was making me flow negatively for a while. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped and flowed positively again. I find it's been getting easier and easier to do the more I do it.

(Flowing positively means being in a positive mood, MAKING myself be in a positive mood by thinking of things that bring about such a mood. "Flowing negatively" is the same thing, only towards a negative mood. Everyone knows how to do it negatively, few challenge themselves to do it positively. I was so sure I couldn't flow positively, but I learned how. Now it's easy. :-)

I made another $10 in tips today. (I am unsure what the percentage I get is, but I like getting about $10 in tips every day) I had $20 in tips (and entered it into the computer at work) and used it to pay for gas. Gas was only about $16, and at Kum & Go you get a free Des Moines Register newspaper with purchase of gas. The front page article was about one individual's struggle with gender identity... "From Larry to Lauren." I laughed aloud when they said gender identity disorder was "rare," because if they knew what I know... well... :-)

Anyway, thinking about that article helped me realize that I have no stories or novels which feature a person with gender issues. Considering that I myself am MTF transgendered, I found that incredible. For genders of characters so far, I have had males, females, and hermaphrodites... but no transgendered folks. So now I am endeavoring to think of one.

Chaotic Blessings;
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