The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
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Livejournal book

So, I dunno if y'all remember this, and some of you are new friends, but a while back LiveJournal contacted me telling me they wanted to use one of my entries in the Customerssuck community for this book they were making to celebrate their first 10 years. (This entry.) I agreed, and when it was done, they sent me a thing so I could buy myself a copy of the book, and they also sent me an LJ gift certificate that I have decided I will use for a renewal of my paid account, come April. (And use the money I *would* have used for that to get a paid Dreamwidth account, assuming I have any money then, so I can crosspost to more than one other journal at the same time.)

Anyway, got the book today. It's a smallish hardcover book, 117 pages. And though I never would have paid money for a copy of it, it's actually quite interesting. An awesomely hilarious Metaquotes entry, a touching story about how a worker at a photo lab got a woman arrested for physical child abuse and the surprising happy ending (Here, here, and Here. Don't read if easily shocked.), and the surprising history of LiveJournal (LJ was Twitter before Twitter was!).

So yeah, pretty cool.
Tags: books, livejournal
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