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Oh for Pete's sake...

I checked the library web site, and 3 things I'd had on hold are now ready for pickup. And, despite the fact that I ordered them a week ago (and they were on the shelf and there was no queue to get in for them), none of them are the Dresden Files books I ordered. Fucking hell, I am going to complain tomorrow. This is taking a ridiculous amount of time.

In other wonderful fun times, Lilla came to my room, handed me a moldy sausage, and said, "Here, you left this in the fridge." I looked at it. Actually, Lilla, it was one of yours. I went out to the trash in the living room, said, "Thanks for the lovely gift, Lilla, but actually it was one of yours." Slammed the door to my room. Goddamn it.
Tags: anger, annoying things, my life is naught but frustration
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