The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

A little bird told you...

  • 23:50 @mactonnies That is really cool! #
  • 23:50 RT @mactonnies Those people on Arrakis could have used some of this stuff. (Turn sand hydrophobic) #
  • 23:52 RT @PinkTentacle For safety, Nissan adds 'beautiful futuristic' Blade Runner noise to silent cars - #
  • 23:53 RT @pinktentacle Kanye interrupts Pink Tentacle - (via @GreatDismal) #
  • 23:55 RT @mactonnies Lovecraftian cologne: #
  • 23:55 RT @mactonnies Tattooed goldfishes: #
  • 00:09 Families treated like criminals for encouraging their kids to bike to school: WTF? o~O #
  • 00:10 @househesson Ha! We'd be one off, too. Or worse, if you count the fact Zyao'Kehn is a multiple as well. #
  • 01:50 BWAH HA HA! Another tale too awesome to not read: #
  • 01:58 One of the buttons on my cellphone takes a lot of force to depress. I wish it was that hard to depress me. #
  • 04:10 I guess it's Talk Like A Pirate Day today! Arr, me hearties! Finish up at the poopdeck and lash the rigging! Walk the plank! #
  • 04:58 I'm annoyed. My scroll wheel on my mouse is being weird. Page scrolling up when I tell it down, half the time. #
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