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Oh Nora, you are so quirky.

I'm trying to install an old version of OpenOffice to my laptop. I wanted to load the newest version that was compatible with my laptop (named Nora), which runs Mac OS X 10.3.9, and no matter what I searched for, the best information I could come up with was "X11" which is 10.2 and higher compatible. The other versions wouldn't say, except some said "Intel." So I looked up Macs with Intel and found 10.3 isn't associated with Intel-equipped Macs. So, tried loading the newest non-Intel version.

Didn't work. Told me I had to load X11 first. So I tried that. Just like I'd been doing while downloading the other thing mentioned above, this time I had to hold Nora at an angle to get her to get any signal (wireless internet). [Nora is quirky about the wireless internet here for some reason. Often, I have to open the door for her to get a signal, despite the PC being able to pick it up fine despite the door being closed and hiding itself away under the desk. You'd think if either of my computers would have a hard time connecting, it would be the PC. But no.] Then halfway through, without my having moved at all, the signal just goes dead. I open the door, nothing happens. I walk into the hall, nothing. I walk right up to the fucking wireless router and STILL nothing. I yell at Nora: "Goddamn it, Nora! The router is RIGHT THERE!"

At this point, I think "Well maybe the Net is down." Sometimes the router/modem has a brain fart and has to be unplugged for a couple minutes and then plugged back in a certain way (plug in modem first, wait a minute, then plug in router and wait a minute before testing the connection). So I go to my PC and load a new page on Firefox. No problem with the Net; it's not even slowed down! So I give up on doing it that way; Nora is having one of her strange fits. Instead, I get on my PC and download the file to my thumb drive.

X11 is a HUGE file. Took forever to download. Took almost as long to unzip. (And this was on my PC, which has 1.25 GIG of RAM!) [Hee hee: one of the programs in the install list is called "Fondu"] I'm trying to install it now. So far it's cooperating. GRRRRR! Gave me some BS about "X11 is intended for Unix-savvy users" then something about "please insert install disk 3." WTF? Goddamn it, why all this fucking trouble for OpenOffice? *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* *HEADDESK*

[Oh hey, it's getting a signal again. Nora, you are a strange machine.]

Oh hey, there's a separate install program under one of these folders in the file, a folder called MAC OS. Gonna try that. ...

... Fuck. No go with that either. WTF is up with this shit? I JUST WANT TO INSTALL OPENOFFICE!!! Gah. So much for Apple installations being easier than PC installations.
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