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Not having a good day so far

Not having a good day so far. After putting up with 10 or so minutes of "Ugh, food all looks disgusting," I finally made a hamburger and a bowl of chili. Ate the burger and half the bowl of chili, and was full. Not just full, but "OMG, thanksgiving dinner!" full. Now I knew I'd been getting used to not eating as much; in three years I've gone from being able to down a huge bowl of noodles (like, the whole box of a box of Pasta-Roni or some such) and still have room, to feeling like a stuffed pig after a hamburger and half a (small) bowl of chili.

Anyway, all I wanted to do after that was to sit and digest for an hour, but I dragged my ass to the library, intent on doing an online application. Felt so crappy upon getting here that all I wanted to do was be home. I did make an attempt to fill out an application to FredMeyer's... couldn't figure out how to do so, didn't have the energy to persist. So fuck that, today. Oh, and I have a headache to boot.

Ugh. I'm almost always uncomfortable for *some* reason, but days like this a whole bunch of shit comes together to make my life hell. I feel like a stuffed pig, I have a small but annoying headache, the heat is bugging me, the direct sunlight hurts my eyes even with sunglasses on, and this stupid shirt I'm wearing has a collar that rubs against my neck. I'm also feeling twitchy, like I feel uncomfortable inside my body in general and want out of it. And I feel like cream chipped crap on toast. It's going to SUCK heading back. I think I'll stay here long enough to walk home in the dark, that'll take care of the direct sunlight issue at least.

On the plus side, I found laundry soap at this one discount store for just $1.99, so at least I can do laundry. Oh what fun.
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