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I was just reminded by a post at customerssuck about sexism, and my mind went back to when I used to work at the casino. I had a boss who was sexist, sort of; she assumed that because I'm tall and male bodied that I'm strong, and so had me lugging around heavy containers full of wrapped silverware. It was annoying because even assuming I had the strength to do it easily, those edges cut into the hand so much I'd have to have been a farmer with calloused hands to not be bothered by it. Furthermore, despite my height and physical gender, most of the high-school girls who worked there were stronger than me!

Also, my sister Tara could easily have kicked my ass when she was 12 (I was 21 back then) if she'd really wanted to. Most she ever did was punch me in the arm for being cheeky, though. Being a masochist, <sarcasm> I minded ever so terribly. </sarcasm> Anyway, setting aside my own strength inadequacies, Tara is very strong for her size. Her dog, Arizona, was as big as her when he was a puppy, and could have dragged a full-grown man down the street on his walks, but she managed him without too much difficulty. Sure, he dragged her along too, but she managed to stay upright and even drag backwards to slow him down. Those two were made for each other, really.
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