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A great featus of strength

I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Creston is very nice. What I thought was still the depot is apparently not anymore. It is where the City of Creston government resides. Except for the police station, which is at the county courthouse. The newer depot is very small and off to the side. I suspect the train people could no longer afford the upkeep on the old depot, as trains aren't anywhere near as popular in the US as they once were. Which is a shame. You know, it's pathetic... Japan, one of the last industrialized nations to start using trains (as far as I know of) has trains that glide along at faster than the speed of sound; but America, the country that invented trains, has grown tired of trains and can't even be sure their trains won't fall off the tracks and kill people.

I got some bubble bath last night at Wal-Mart. Cucumber melon, it smells really good. I had a lot of fun with it. I love water a lot, must be from my past lives on Traipah. Yes, I'd better mention for those who don't already know me that I am Otherkin... unlike most Otherkin, though, I don't claim to have been a mythical creature in a past life. I was an alien from a planet called Traipah. My species looked remarkably like humans, except for some key differences such as a randomness of color (any color scheme, even reds and blues, were possible) and that we were hermaphrodites. (Both male and female in one.)

Anyway, I like water a lot. There was a lot of water on Traipah, is the reason I think. I think Traipah is also why I like coolness and dislike heat... it was very hot on Traipah except in the shade, which there was a lot of in most places.

I love scented soaps and shampoos. My favorite scents are strawberry, apple, and raspberry. I always get raspberry scented lotion when I can. I also like jasmine, though. There's this perfume by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, called Two, that is jasmine spice. I LOVE that scent. Well, love is an understatement... I get so excited by that scent that I have come to orgasm from it without any, erm... assistance required. *Blushes*

So of course raspberry is one of my favorite tastes as well as scent. Cranberry juice is also a favorite. I love things with bite, like cranberry juice, lemon, hot pepper, and so on. This is because I can't taste subtle flavors. Mom, Dad, and Tara swear that watermelon has a taste, but all I can taste of it is sweetness. Cucumber also has no taste to me, though Tara says the same thing.

Man, I thought the ants at Anita had been bad... I had no idea. The ants in Anita were teeny tiny, but the black ones here in this house (in fewer numbers, but still annoying) are the size of minerature ponies. I'm making a saddle for one, so I can ride it around town and give my car a break.

Plus, there's this icky looking bug with way too many legs to be an insect or spider, probably some sort of hairy centiped or millipede. It gives me the creeps. Worst thing is, this bug was at the Anita house too. And you can't even kill it, because as soon as you see it and reach for a shoe, it's gone. Sickening. I hate bugs who come inside my house. If they're outside, I don't mind, but when they come into my house they forfeit their right to life. Of course most of them run too fast for me to kill, though. Pooey.

Wasps, though, and hornets... *shudders* I've never been stung, and bees don't bother me, but wasps and hornets are agressive and dangerous little SOBs. I will kill one or have someone else kill one even if it's outside, because those things will attack you while you mow the lawn, if you get too close to their nest. Plus, what purpose do they serve? None that I can tell... I doubt anything can eat them, for their sting, and what do they eat? I'm not saying they don't have a purpose, I'm just saying I don't see what their purpose is.

Having cable in my room is great. Now I can watch what I want, when I want. Even South Park, which no one in the house but me likes. I don't know why I like it, I just do. I mean, the animation is primitive, the humor is rude, and I don't always agree with what they say, but I still like it for some unknown reason. It is a surprisingly intelligent cartoon, though, despite it's appearances.

I'd write more, but my ass hurts. Too much sitting down.

Chaotic Blessings;
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