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Moral dilemma site

This site has a lot of great "moral dilemma" questions for bloggers. I give you an example:

You are out shopping and you see your dad walking hand in hand with an attractive young woman who is definitely not your mother. You watch them walk into a restaurant, find a booth in the back and begin kissing and cuddling.
You follow them into the restaurant and you father sees you as you approach them. He jumps up and begs you not to tell your mother what you’ve seen he says the affair is only a week old and he will end it right now and never see the woman again. Do you tell your mother what you know?
My answer:

My immediate question would not be "What's Dad doing with a hot young woman?" it would be "What'd Dad doing all the way out here in Oregon without having told me?" My second question would be "Did I see that correctly?" then "Nah, couldn't be. Maybe he has a twin brother he never told me about."

If I went in and verified his identity (he has a distinctive cough caused by a kind of hernia in his throat that everyone in our family can recognize immediately even without seeing him). If the second paragraph were to happen (almost as unlikely as Dad having an affair to begin with), I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. But I'd want to know why he was in Oregon and not in Iowa. :-)


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Aug. 27th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
Ironic choice, given your user tag ^_^
Aug. 27th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
LOL! Well if Mom knew about it and they had an open relationship, I wouldn't mind at all. But dating someone else while in a closed relationship is cheating, which I generally disapprove of.
Aug. 27th, 2009 02:03 am (UTC)
Indeed. *nods*
Aug. 27th, 2009 03:49 am (UTC)
None of Mum's beeswax, they broke up when I was 5. (I like how the question assumes your parents are together.) Second paragraph is impossible; as I said Mum and Dad are broken up, and Stepdad wouldn't bother begging me, he knows I'd take Mum's side. (also, I can't really imagine either of them snagging a young attractive woman, they're both in their 50s, stepdad's a labourer, but not the buff, bronzed sort, and Dad's got a good job, but he's also a great big geek with a 70's moustache.)
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