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Dreams in HD

In all the anger at society for lanyel's sake, I almost forgot: last night I dreamed in HD. For the second time ever, I had a dream so vivid and realistic that I had a hard time believing it was a dream. That dreamworld 6th sense was telling me it was a dream, and the logic was dream logic, but I went so far as to pry one of my eyelids open (opening one of my eyes for real, I think) to make sure I really was dreaming. Which was weird in itself: normally when I get an eyelid open in a dream, I wake up. This time, I didn't; it was like in some animated cartoons where they pull up the corner of the page to see a sneak peek of the next scene: I was seeing both the dream world and the real world at the same time, until I closed my eye again and the dream resumed.

As to the plot of the dream, that was nothing special; just another "I'm in an unfamiliar school taking school all over again." Though there was a twist: I recognized some of the student as people I had really gone to school with before. And because the dream was in HD (High Definition), I could see their faces as clearly as if they were really standing in front of me.

You know, I've noticed a trend, now. The quality of my dreams is improving. When I was a kid, I dreamed in black-and-white. Then I started to dream in sepia-and-white (like an antique film). Then I was dreaming in color, and I've been dreaming in color for the most part ever since. Now, I've had two dreams in HD - two dreams so realistic that the first one I thought I was awake during it, and the second one I had to check to make sure it was really a dream. You know, I hope this means I'll be dreaming in HD more often, and eventually full-time, because I *love* those super-realistic dreams! I'm even willing to risk the several minutes of disorientation that would come after waking up from such realistic dreams. ("What the...? Wasn't I just in a forest taking a hike? Oh wait, no, I was dreaming...")
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