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Watching ST:TNG, episode "Best of Both Worlds part 2." And thoughts about the Borg and how they change people by controlling them via assimilation made me think of the second Uplift trilogy by David Brin. That second trilogy is about a bunch of refugee species illegally living on a world called Jijo, which was declared fallow by the government of the Five Galaxies. One of the species there, the traeki, had individuals made up of these different rings; do you remember that infant toy with the colored rings on a ring holder? Like that. Each ring was just a simple animal, with a mind like a sponge or a jellyfish, on its own; put a certain number of these rings together and they'd become a sentient being. It was a collective mind of sorts, because each individual in that species spoke in plurals and the words they used in their thoughts were things like "our fellow rings" or some such.

I remember they fled to Jijo because they were still in the process of uplift by their mentor species, and they were fleeing their mentors' latest upgrade, a Master Ring that subjugated the other rings, turning it from a peaceful, democratic collective into a Borg-like collective, the Master Ring acting like the Queen Borg, only with more control. One of the individuals of that species got kidnapped and forced to upgrade, and the thoughts like "our rings" (or whatever it was) changed to "my rings." Like I said, I don't remember the original species' name, but once an individual got forced to add this Master Ring, their species name changed to the Jophur.

Now, when I first read this series, I was still in high school. In fact, I think I was either in 9th or 10th grade. And I remember I *loved* the traeki character, Asx! I was so sad when he was turned into a Jophur. Gods, I'm going to have to re-read those series now.

~ ~ ~

Oh, and reading that Wikipedia page, I remember I looooooved the G'Kek, too! A biological race engineered to have wheels instead of legs! Awesome!
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