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Thanks and a Question

I would again like to thank all my friends for helping me proofread "I'll Tell You No Lies," you were spectacular help! I couldn't have found all those errors on my own, as I am notorious for being able to read what a person meant to say, rather than the typo... I usually don't see typos unless they are really bad. :-)

Further thanks as well to Susan, who had so many wonderful questions for me that it made my day. :-)

It was brought to my attention that I could've used this help before the book was even accepted to be published. My friends found logic errors, scientific boo-boos, and pointed out ET's using human colloquialisms. Now if it had been Nokwahl only saying things like "test the water," it would be understandable... she's been around humans a long time. But one of the Ah'Koi Bahnis at first contact used it! LOL! So yeah, I needed help in those areas, but it was too late for major changes like that to be done for ITYNL's.

My second novel, "100 Year Wait," is finished. Since I don't want a repeat of the stupid mistakes in ITYNL's, I was wondering if my friends would like to help me proofread and criticize "One Hundred Year Wait," so it can be polished up for possible publication. After all, it has to be its best, because I intend to get it published with a traditional publisher, as it is 92,466 words long currently.

So if anyone is interested in proofreading and criticizing the very long and excellent 100yrwt, please let me know. :-)

Chaotic Blessings;
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