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From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 07:19:51: @GodTheMother I'm still here!
  • 07:23:07: RT @funnyordie Obama clears up the confusion over his birth certificate
  • 07:32:11: RT @DrTimLeary It is wrong to cater to corporate interests when ordinary people are disadvantaged and struggling.
  • 08:05:12: @EmperorNorton That would require thinking, something which is against their religion.
  • 08:08:12: @paper_hand Doubt is the mind-killer, and magick is the mind and willpower influencing the universe. Can't do it if you doubt it.
  • 08:15:47: Gah! Too tired. So much for that job opp. I'll try again next Monday. Got used to getting up earlier this past week, but not early enough.
  • 08:16:46: At this rate, I'd be useless around noon. And I have to find the place. Not in the condition to do that. Fuck I hate job hunting. HIRE ME!
  • 08:17:21: God, Satan, whoever: someone please lead me to a job! WAAA!
  • 08:18:55: Too fat to be a stripper. Prostitution is also out. Too bad I can't regrow lost organs, I'd sell a few of those for $.
  • 08:20:05: Crippling depression isn't helping. Depression has been manifesting lately as an inability to do anything constructive. I hate my life.
  • 08:20:51: *sings* I hate my life, I hate my life, nothing but anger, depression, and strife...*/singing*
  • 08:21:56: And I hate this society, for too many reasons to go into on Twitter.
  • 08:23:57: Well, nighty night fellow Twits.
  • 08:29:28: I wonder how much I could get for 1 of my kidneys.
  • 08:42:15: And for some reason even places desperate for workers aren't calling back. I'd join the circus, but they'd probably turn me down too.
  • 17:10:23: @agent139 LOL! Too true, too true.
  • 17:10:52: @guystyleguide Ha! Yeah.
  • 17:12:31: RT @EricArtmin Jesus was a social radical, killed by religious traditionalists. #spon
  • 17:14:14: RT @EricArtmin It's wrong to go to war unilaterally. It's wrong to foster a distrust of progress. It's wrong to promote a fear of otherness.
  • 17:14:38: @EricArtmin Eh?
  • 17:15:35: RT @EricArtmin RT @Paul2eD: Chinese Researchers Grow Live Mice From Skin Cells #spon
  • 17:16:33: RT @EricArtmin CBO Scores Confirms Deficit Neutrality of Health Reform Bill... produces a $6 billion surplus...
  • 17:20:51: RT @EricArtmin RT @PabloTweedy Evolutionary Adaption Of Bacteria Witnessed In Lab
  • 17:21:06: "if life were run as an experiment twice, it wouldn't produce the same results." Cool!
  • 17:28:08: RT @cmfcknw: President? Get real. Sarah Palin couldnt manage a Walmart. She has neither the management skills nor the capacity for detail
  • 17:33:24: RT @Jablair51 ".@TheUncleBob C'mon. You work at Wal-mart. Did you even have to pay federal taxes last year?"
  • 17:36:55: RT @EmperorNorton RT @Hololio2: RT @HunterDK: Torture good. Healthcare bad. All you need to know about modern conservatism.| #tcot #tlot
  • 17:51:04: @donttrythis I'm not a spambot, but I'm not human either. I AM A CYLON! "By your command."
  • 17:54:11: @wilw Conspiracy theorists like to feel important. And since they aren't, they pretend they know "the terrible truth!"
  • 17:54:26: RT @BoingBoing "Snow Day," by Emma: 8-year-old girl rocks out massively. #musicmonday
  • 18:00:15: RT @mactonnies Experts puzzled by spot on Venus:
  • 18:20:56: has a knack for making history fun. Their site should be a requirement in history classes!
  • 18:41:35: 6 formerly kickass creatures ruined by evolution:
  • 19:54:55: 5 things they say will give you cancer (and why they're wrong) =
  • 21:11:40: @GaryJBusey Dude, a dreamcatcher is supposed to prevent nightmares. So are you saying you want to prevent wet dreams?
  • 21:14:46: @paper_hand Odd.
  • 21:17:55: @paper_hand Even if magick didn't have any effect on the world, it still has a positive effect on the mind, which leads to the same effect.

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