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From Twitter 08-02-2009

  • 00:25:31: The Bible is like Windows: poorly designed, needs tons of patches to fix the bugs in it, & people look at you funny if you don't use it.
  • 00:30:00: The problem with Christianity is that the OT and the NT are incompatible. It's like trying to run a Windows program on an Apple machine.
  • 00:55:04: @Trilobitten Hi!
  • 00:57:31: Y'know, @brentspiner 's tweets confuse me.
  • 01:00:05: RT @DrTimLeary Doctors Create New Nose For Woman By Growing It On Her Arm (VIDEO)
  • 01:03:05: I must've had a real hankering for orange juice. Bought a bottle of Simply Orange today & most of it is gone now!
  • 01:03:34: *Giggles* What a funny word, "hankering."
  • 01:05:54: Sex can be fun, but I don't get why people put so much importance in it, like it defines the relationship.That goes both ways.
  • 01:07:34: For instance, why do people keep trying to be monogamous? It's quite plain that monogamy is not natural to humans.
  • 02:19:40: I think YouTube hates everyone. Why else would they put an ad on their homepage that makes my 1.25 gig RAM PC whine from strain?
  • 02:42:29: I love this site: ! Watch:
  • 02:50:19: "Tomatillo plants are highly self-incompatible (2 or more plants are needed for proper pollination" I wish I were self-compatible. :-D
  • 02:52:44: People used to think tomatoes were poisonous because they look like oversized Deadly Nightshade berries (except DN berries are purple)
  • 02:54:04: Trust me, I've seen deadly nightshade berries. They used to grow at this one place we lived.
  • 02:54:48: Deadly nightshade would have been useful, if only I'd had someone to help me hide the bodies. (Just kidding, FBI. It's a joke.)
  • 02:55:36: Bible is like Windows: poorly designed, needs tons of patches to fix the bugs, & people look at you funny if you don't use it. #memebomb
  • 03:45:25: LOL! Teen Titans porn. Starfire/Raven. NSFW, of course:
  • 03:45:45: @unre_lia_ble Oh, I thought you were serious. :-)
  • 03:50:38: *Giggles* Now just Raven: NSFW
  • 04:23:16: @discordianquote But... but I LIKE lemons!
  • 04:23:37: When life gives you lemons, say "Oh goody! Lemons! I love lemons!"
  • 04:38:00: Winged submarine:
  • 04:57:58: Holy shit! Just saw a picture of Dakota Fanning as Jane. Hmm... maybe Twilight won't be so bad after all.
  • 05:41:41: This is an awesome rant against the anti-Obama idiots:
  • 06:11:13: Hilarious radio ads for sausage! Could be NSFW:
  • 06:15:47: G. Moore says monogamy is like salad becuz ppl think it's good 4 them, though there're juicy steaks on other tables
  • 06:57:42: This is pretty cool! Small sounds from The Secret Garden pieced together to make music:
  • 08:21:49: I can't think of anyone who has a legitimate reason to criticize Obama.
  • 08:39:49: @CorinaBecker Church is for people, not for God.
  • 08:54:56: Stayed up this late so staying up for possible job opportunity @ noon on monday will be easier. Couldn't wake that early for anything!
  • 21:24:13: OMG, there's TWO pedobears!
  • 21:25:02: @paper_hand Yes, I know tomatoes are related to deadly nightshade. Didn't I say that? *Is confused*
  • 21:25:34: @paper_hand Who's better than the alternative? When there's no link to the reply, I can't check the context.
  • 21:25:46: @paper_hand Never mind.
  • 21:27:02: @paper_hand God doesn't care one way or another if we believe in It. And God doesn't want worship, It wants to be used. (2 b cont)
  • 21:27:45: @paper_hand The problem with prayer is, most people don't expect it to work. They *hope* it will work, but they almost always have doubt.
  • 21:29:07: @delilahblue64 See, I can't figure out if @brentspiner is writing fiction in his tweets or if it was real.
  • 21:46:19: @phinnia Good question!
  • 21:47:24: @paper_hand Prayer is a form of magick. Magick doesn't work if you doubt it at all.
  • 21:48:29: @paper_hand Guess I didn't specify that I knew they were related.
  • 22:00:45: @paper_hand What'd you do that for? Can I still RT things of interest?
  • 22:16:02: @paper_hand Ah, I see. I turned off notification of new followers, so I don't notice them.

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