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Just got reminded of something

I don't have the picture, since it's in my other computer right now (and not sure WHERE in the other computer it is), but I was recently reminded of a unique feature of Traipahni mathematics and the way they figure spacial stuff.

Okay, so you know how most humans think of space in terms of 4 dimensions (width, height, depth, and time)? Well, Traipahni people think of those things differently. I don't remember everything about it, but basically where we have 4 dimensions, they have at least 5. They have height, width, horizontal depth, angled depth, and then I can't remember if time was one dimension for them or several, or if they even had time as a dimension. There may have been others I'm forgetting, too.

Horizontal depth was what we normally think of as depth. Angled depth is depth at an angle.

Oh hey, found the image on my website:

I like the five I came up with before I found the picture better. Angled depth makes more sense to me than all those different depth dimensions. And time may be an illusion, but it's a useful one. And if you want to get really technical about it, space is an illusion too.

Also from my website:

The Six Dimensions

It is common knowledge amongst Traipahni scholars and Guild-persons that there are six dimensions, and this standard is used all over the world. Though most common people still use just the three, most are also aware that scholars and professionals use six. What we humans call the fourth dimension, or Time, is thought of differently on Traipah. It is considered not a single dimension but a whole tier of dimensions. This tier is called the moiulj'krain plane, or the space-time plane. There are at least as many dimensions through Time as there are through space. Thusly, the Traipahni people do not think of Time as a linear thing... their directions through time include not only forward, back, and "standing still," but also several forms of "sideways." The main reason for this is because there are only a couple obscure religions on Traipah that do NOT recognize the existence of alternate universes. But the directions through time that they acknowledge are far more complex even than that. We shan't go into any more detail, or you head shall spin.

I wish I *had* gone into more detail.


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Jul. 30th, 2009 11:11 am (UTC)
We have a slightly different way of doing mathematics as well, one that centers on the reality that alien cultures are just that...alien. The Xeltrigan version of the Ancient Greeks came up with a scientific study of numbers based around a culture that highly valued abstract concepts without any real connection to reality. Xeltrigan mathematics came from a brute survival aspect where mathematics was key to our rulers deciding how many animals the populace could kill to feed themselves.

From there as we developed civilization and began the Long Wandering, math became another necessary aspect of our culture as you need very precise co-ordinantes and to increasingly tighten it because it's a Big Damn Universe and if you don't.....you can disappear and maybe they'll find you 150,000 years from now if you're lucky. Mathematics is one reason ours is the most ancient of any established culture in the Rhughas Star Band, as we had no choice but to utilize it.

Mazidren H'vat H'vorxixnon.
Jul. 30th, 2009 08:38 pm (UTC)
any dimension must first be defined by a contrast of two substances....

....i fear one could then go on to confuse a contrast with a substance, and then call about a further dimension from two contrasts....

ie, red meets green on the x axis. and red also meets green along the y axis....the origin is yellow, and so are the two of the four quandrants....

however, only when the two basic dimensions are compossed of different contrasts (LIKE red and green & red and blue) do you increase the complexity of the relationship of the quadrants

you need something additional before you can suppose that what you are saying is not simply reducable back to the original expressions.....

the meaning of the diagonal, must not simply be expressable in x and y, (WHIch it is) but be an expression of something that has its own entity....and describing this entity is the neccessity...

eg, the way the gradient on a distance-time graph is the speed
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