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Writing scripts for more YOGAP radio

I'm writing scripts for a couple episodes of "Celebrity Interview" with Vick Shunnel. One is an interview with the Discordian Grim Reaper who was arrested in a previous article, and the other is an interview with Captain Salty Dildo, a pirate of the Ass Sea. Yes, an Ass pirate. :-D I think that one is, so far, funnier than the one with the Discordian Grim Reaper.

I'm writing them as scripts for them to be YOGAP radio episodes. The first one is 4 pages long and so far, the second one is 4 pages as well; it might end up being longer. So these will be longer than the first YOGAP radio transmission; the script for _that_ was only 2 pages handwritten.

I'm thinking $10 for each of these, since they're longer. But I want to check with y'all first. They're not done yet, but if you want to start donating to them, I'll have no objections. :-) Anyway, here's a poll:

Poll #1428613 Celebrity Interview price

Do you think $10 is reasonable for the Celebrity Interview radio broadcast?

No, lower!
No, higher!
I don't know

What price do you think is reasonable?

Remember, of course, that on these projects you can donate as much or as little as you want/are able to. Every dollar helps!
Tags: creativity, cyberfunded creativity, funny, poll, yogap, yogap radio
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