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Tired of being tired

I think I might have some kind of sleep problem. It takes me forever to get to bed, and forever to wake up in the morning. Without any other impetus, I sleep well past the point when my body starts to complain, and end up with neckaches and headaches. I toss and turn at night, and I constantly have these half-awake dreams. I kept waking up last night, as well.

A few days ago I only got a few hours of sleep for two days in a row, and my stomach got all sour at me, a pattern I know well from when I used to have to get up early in the morning. One night like that is usually not a problem, but two in a row seems to trigger some stomach alarm and I go half the day with a sour stomach. Long ago realized that eating anyway just made it worse, so then halfway through the day it morphs into painful hunger.

On top of that, I have to actually physically get out of bed to wake up. I experimented with taking the blindfold thingy off in the morning, but I just end up sleeping with the sun in my eyes that way, which turns my dreams even weirder than normal.

I was having problems with my sleep back in Iowa, but it's been getting progressively worse since moving to Oregon. I dunno if it's stress or what, but I'm getting very tired of it, pardon the pun.
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