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Okay, people. So far, you've enjoyed a few free issues and articles of Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse, my Discordian newspaper with news from another universe much weirder than ours (for samples, click the YOGAP tag). And I've occasionally put free "breaking news" headlines without stories attached to them on my Twitter. But now I'm thinking YOGAP could be my best option for going into cyberfunded creativity.

Basically what that means is, if you like what you've seen of YOGAP so far, and want to see more, I will only do updates for money now. The way it works on my friend ysabetwordsmith's LJ is she defines monetary goals for each project, the cost based on length and type. For example, she has $5, $10, and $15 poems (among others). People donate to her PayPal account and specify which project they're helping to fund. When a project reaches its goal, the project is released on her LJ for all to read, even if they didn't contribute monetarily (one can contribute by spreading the word, for example).

Since I'm just starting on this, I welcome suggestions for projects and suggestions for a project- or size-to-cost system for these. Unfortunately LoudTwitter is down, so any of these breaking news headlines I get from now on I will have to import manually from Twitter, but it's worth it.

EDIT: These prices are subject to changes at my whim, but most likely in a "lower" direction.

I figure, since my brain often comes up with weird YOGAP stuff, what better project than it?

Now I just have to define some goals/projects. Hmm... okay (prices based on size and difficulty to do):

1. "Breaking news" articles: This category of projects expands on the previous "breaking news" headlines, so they'll finally have articles attached. I figure, I can tease y'all with these headlines and make you beg for an article to go with it. :-D This will be $3.

2. "Opinion column" - I think I'll take votes for which character should do the opinion column each time it comes out (I like mixing it up), and I'm always open to suggestions for topics. I and my characters have lots of opinions, but sometimes its very hard thinking of a good topic for an opinion column. I think I'll go with $6 for one of these, as they're a little harder to write.

3. "Weather forecasts" for the week (funny, of course) - $3

4. "Interesting People Around The World" - Always a laugh. Hard to think of ideas for though. I'm going to say $8.

5. "Crime Report" - Amusing fictional crimes and criminals from around the world. $5. Those who contribute to this project can have their home city show up in the reports. If one contributes to this project and also an additional amount (no matter how much or how little) to the general fund, you can have someone you don't like (first name and/or same initials only) be named a criminal in the reports, doing something incredibly stupid.

6. "Dischordian Horrorscopes." - Horoscopes that don't pull any punches. Your life is about to take a serious turn for the worst if you don't listen to our warnings. This feature might just save your life. Is $10 $6 too much to ask for such a worthwhile feature?

7. "Science News" - $6. If you contribute to this project, you can be named as a scientist, a science experiment gone wrong, or have your name/username used to name some really cool high-tech doodad. Contribute extra to the general fund, and you can turn someone you don't like (first name and/or same initials only) into a science experiment gone wrong, an idiot scientist with some strange theory (like the moon is made of peanut butter), or have them be killed by a science experiment gone horribly wrong (or other sciencey disaster)!

8. "Religious News" - $5. Contribute to this project and you can be a God/dess, Saint, Demiurge, or some other religious-type figure... even a Demon! Or you can be named as a priest, pope, or whatever. Anything relating to religion. Contribute extra to the general fund and have someone you don't like (first name and/or same initials only) get eaten by a Demon, smote by a God/dess, or turn them into some kind of religious extremist terrorist!

9. "World News" - $6. Again, contributers to this project can be featured in world news. Since the YOGAP world is so weird, you can be whatever you want. And again, contribute extra to the general fund and have your enemies (first name and/or same initials only) be hurt or humiliated or whatnot in the story.

10. "Celebrity Interview" by Vick Shunnel - $12 $10 (these can be quite long). Contribute to this and you can be the family or friend of a celebrity (YOGAP-verse only; real celebs might sue)! (Or, depending on who is being interviewed, you can be an enemy of a celebrity). Contribute the entire $10 at once and you can even BE the celebrity that is interviewed! Donate extra to the general fund and have a YOGAP-verse celebrity mention how sucktastic "so-and-so" is. (Internet username, first name, and/or same initials only.)

11. "Celebrity News" - $5. Contains both real and YOGAP-verse celebs. Contribute to this and you can be a friend or family member of a YOGAP-verse celeb; or have a celeb (real or otherwise) do something in your home town! Contribute extra to the general fund and have an enemy (first name yadda yadda yadda only) be spoken poorly about or have someone do something unpleasant to them.

12. "Obitchuaries" - $5. Contribute and be one of the dearly departed, either dead from some amusing happening or having a peculiar funeral, or come back from the dead as a zombie or a vampire. Or alternatively, contribute and have an enemy (you know the spiel by now) die in an amusing and/or horrifying way.

13. "Movies" - $4. No perks with this one. If you read the previous issues with this feature and can think of any perks to offer for it, please let me know.

14. The "Learn About..." series - $2 (because it's so fun and easy to write!). This series is written by a character who thinks he knows everything, but really knows nothing. You'll learn things about stuff that you never knew before, and probably never wanted to know. Contributers to this project may offer suggestions for what term to learn more about, and can choose to be mentioned in the article. I can do as many of these as y'all want, especially since they make great fillers in the newspaper format of YOGAP issues. :-)

15. "Sports News" - $4. Most sports news are about boring, ordinary sports. YOGAP covers the silliest, the weirdest, and the most interesting (not necessarily all three at once) fictional sports the YOGAP-verse has to offer! Contributers to this project and be named as players, judges, whatever.

16. "Classified ads" - Project price: $4. Write your own ad and have it run (has to be funny/weird!): 50 cents. (Please limit ad length to 160 characters.) Ads must be submitted via email (

17. Political Cartoon - $4.

18. One major project category would be "Complete, original YOGAP issue." In other words, a YOGAP issue with no recycled material (except for the fake ads). Don't know how much for this, but as it would be a major undertaking, I'm thinking $25? Open to suggestions of course. These would be in both PDF and DOC formats.

19. "YOGAP's greatest hits". Eventually we'll get enough articles and stuff posted here that I can put them in YOGAP's newspaper format. Since it would be recycled material, I'm thinking $5 would be a good goal for this one when it's available. These would be in both PDF and DOC formats.


1. Use my PayPal donate button located here. Or, alternatively, you can send cash or checks. (Ask me for my address if you want to do that.) But PayPal is free and fairly easy to sign up for, so it's preferred. Plus, I believe one can pay money to someone's PayPal with a credit card.

2. Put in the notes/message to me section whether you're donating to a specific project (please specify which one) or to the general cyberfunded creativity fund (any donations not specified to either will go to the general cyberfunded creativity fund.)

3. Whether or not you can contribute monetarily, you can always spread the word. If there are projects you want to hurry up and get funded, post to your LJ about it. Post to Twitter! Tell your Facebook! Any and all social networks you're on, feel free to tell people!
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