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Capital Gains for kids

On the news just now was a thing about a program some schools are trying, where they pay kids to do well in school. Kids can earn as much as $100 every two weeks thanks to the program, which is half funded by corporations and other private funds. There's controversy about it, even though it's working. The people against it are saying things like what this one woman said: "It's a sad day when we have to pay kids for what they should be doing anyway."

Oh fuck you, lady! I think it's a great idea. If I'd been paid that much for getting good grades, I would have been valedictorian! I have always hated this attitude most adults have of "do what we tell you because we're the adults and you're the kids and we said so." "Because we said so" is NOT a valid reason to do something. "Because I'm bigger than you," or any phrase that implies that, is even less of a reason; it borders on bullying. That kind of superior attitude really pisses me off, and always has.

I find that attitudes like "because they're kids and that's what kids are supposed to do" and "because I told you to" are indicative of the undeserved superiority complex, looking at children as second-or-third-class citizens at best, or as subhuman at worst. Kids should do well in school just because adults say so? Fuck that. School as it is currently designed claims to be a preparation for life as an adult, but it isn't. It's a goulag where people put their kids to break their spirit and kill their creativity. The system even makes sure that anyone who resists the state-sponsored brainwashing all the way through graduation is punished for the rest of their life for it. And college? You get to pay obscene amounts of money for the same exact thing.

I'm so fucking tired of the bullshit and hypocrisy. All kinds of evils are justified with "Think of the children!" while most people don't even blink at schools raping children's souls.
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