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I checked the memory on my PC, and it is an abyssmal 256 MB of RAM. Ugh. No wonder it's so slow. But good news: Mom and Dad sent me $100 for my birthday! Better news: the RAM that's $70 on Kingston is $50 on this other site. The other site has free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Guess how much RAM I'm talking about? Oh never mind, I have to tell: 1 GIG of RAM!!! Holy power-ups, Batman! More good news: kengr can install it for free!

Even better news: this means I'll have money to upgrade my laptop's RAM to 512 MB (it's at 128 MB now)!!! And the price is $40 for Apple brand memory. They have other brands that work in my laptop and are slightly cheaper, but if I buy the Apple brand, I get free installation. (Installation would normally be $39.99). And since kengr doesn't know diddly about Apple computers, she can't install it herself (or rather, doesn't trust herself to).

Best news: I'll have money leftover after all is said and done. And here I was prepared to spend as much as $20 out of my own money (plus what Mom and Dad sent me) to do this. The cheap prices are a Godsend! It's like having my cake and eating it too! :-D
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