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Okay, I just noticed something interesting. Now I already knew I am a personality chameleon, absorbing personality traits of those around me (especially friends) and from characters and people on TV and videos, but I found out something new today. I was watching some YouTube videos by Viivi13, who is German, including a bunch where she was talking in English. She's pretty good, but has a distinct accent that gets really thick when she's upset; also, her grammar and choice of words is a little off (but damn, I wish I knew German even half as well as she knows English!).

Anyway... just a few minutes ago I was composing a reply to one of her videos, and not only found myself thinking with her accent, but also I was having more trouble than usual thinking of the right words, and my grammar was... peculiar. LOL! I wonder if this means that if I went to some foreign country and learned the language, that upon my return I'd have difficulty with English?

LOL! Even as I write this, I can feel the residual effects. :-)
Tags: about me, accents, foreign languages, in the land of the weird, personality chameleon, thought of the day, weird stuff
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