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Dreams for 06/23/2009

Well, it's a good thing the net is back after being mysteriously down last night. Reset the modem and the little Airport router three different times last night, and the net was still not working. Must have been on Comcast's end.

Anyway, dreams. I have only one dream from last night that I remember, so far. Mom, Dad, and Tara were visiting me in the dream Portland, and we were exploring it. Only, it bore little resemblance to the real Portland. The dream was quite normal until we got in an elevator that turned out to be a turbolift and started taking us horizontally along the ground at an... interesting rate of speed. Fast enough to be fast, slow enough to see everything. And the walls of the turbolift thingy were clear plastic, almost like Willy Wonka's glass elevator.

It was a fun way to see the city, and we weren't complaining, until it took us out of the city and we started seeing mountains and lots of old castles and stuff. Then we started to get worried, and were all like "How do we stop this thing? How do we turn around and go back?" Mom and Dad and I were starting to panic when Tara was like, "Oh, I know! We just have to WAKE UP," she said as she hit us on the faces. Then we were suddenly standing in the middle of the city. I didn't recognize it, but my dream-self did. Not long after that, I woke up for real.
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