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So, I went to this Starplex CMS... thingy (The proper term eludes me at the moment) tonight. It was way the fuck out in Tigard, in what was technically Rock City. Farthest along the 12 line I have ever been in that direction.

Google maps kind of annoyed me today. I had the directions all figured out and printed up and everything, and I got off at the stop it told me to, and biked for about half a mile or more because that's what it told me to do. Finally got fed up trying to find the place, thought I might have missed a turn or something. Then I noticed that the 12 line kept going the way I was going. Google Maps led me to believe I was to ride the 12 to the end and bike out past the end of it. So I called kengr for help (because the Trimet trip planning people had me on hold too long) and we found out I still had another mile to go, which I went on the 12 for. Turns out the place I had to be was less than a block from the bus stop! So Google Maps, I'm putting you On Notice. *Does best Stephen Colbert impression*

Getting home was even easier. I went back towards the bus stop because I was looking for some place to cross the street, and noticed a bus parked at the same stop, saying "Rose Quarter Transit Center via Portland City Center." I just had to wait for the bus driver, and voila! Dunno how long the trip *to* there from home was, but it took about an hour and 15 minutes to get back home *from* there - and that's just the bus ride! Probably took 10 or 15 minutes to bike home from there. It did help that we got out half an hour early, though; 10 instead of 10:30.

Anyway, Starplex CMS seems like one of those kinds of businesses that's always hiring because they need warm bodies. They do "crowd management" at various events, like ticket taking and parking and... I forget their term for it, but at venues that don't allow outside alcohol, they check to make sure no one is bringing any in. It's essentially always a part-time job because of how they do many different events, and the schedule goes by what hours you have available. So I might have a job! :-)

Oh, and I informed them on the application that I have Asperger's, and a brief description of it, so maybe I won't lose this job due to that, now. It'll be the first job where I informed the company from the start about my Asperger's, assuming I get it.
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