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My MP3 player and more

Well, there is definetely something wrong with my MP3 player. Whenever I switch from the flash memory to the SD card, it plays maybe 20 or 30 seconds of the first song, and then turns itself off and refuses to come back on unless I take out the battery and wait a day before trying it again, at which point it defaults back to flash memory. Dunno if that's the only problem with it, but it's *a* problem.

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I suppose I should have waited for my US Bank debit card to be fully working before closing out my Key Bank accounts. Ah well, I'll manage. I activated it online over the weekend, it should be active by Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, I can get some cash out tomorrow if I need it.

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Applied to another nursing home. I kind of made a few mistakes I had to scratch out, though. Gods, my brain just cannot process applications properly, especially since they're all different. The world needs one standard application form for all businesses, differing only in the business name stamped on the top, the companies being able to pick and choose from, say, 20 pages of things a business might need. But spelling, format, placement, and so on... I have a hard enough time filling these things out without trying to adjust to a completely different forms every damned time.

You know, online applications may be long, tedious, not give enough room for things, ask far more information than is really needed, and drain 80% of my energy, but at least they tell you exactly what they want in a certain order and don't accept things being done out of order. And they're on computer. All of which reduces errors greatly. I almost prefer them for these facts. But I don't, because they're frankly horrible.
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