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Fayanora Ahnabahn gets PISSED

I recently posted in lesbian and got this comment from shemale. This person I have run into before, and always gives me the same shit. They must be a troll, I can't figure out why else they'd be such a broken damned record.

I wrote a response, "I fail to see the relevance," but predicted more crap from this person, so I started a response to the inevitable response. And in it, Fayanora - whose name I get my username from - did something she rarely does: she got PISSED OFF. Alex gets pissed all the time. Fayanora, though? Almost never. Here's what we wrote:

Respond to “shemale” with =
Listen, bub; you don’t know me. This “transraced” thing you keep harping on about every damn time we run into each other is the thing of just one of the many Aspects in my collective, and she isn’t even human. I wrote her planet and species for a series of stories, and she migrated over into my head for some reason, taking up permanent residence. Sure, she looks a lot like a human, but the eyes make it plain she isn’t. She’s just one of 9 individuals in here. She and Djao’Kain, who physically speaking could be her twin, are the only two whom that transraced thing even fits, and being as they aren’t human, they aren’t of a human race. In fact, their species doesn’t even have race determined by mere color – color is largely random for them, and I still can’t figure out why Fay and Djao’Kain aren’t blue-skinned with green hair and purple eyes or somesuch. Speaking in terms of race is just the most convenient means I have of describing her appearance.

Of the nine of us, four of us aren’t human: Djao’Kain, Fay, Negarahn, and Pi. Pi is *green*. Negarahn has white fur, a rarity among his people, and he looks more like a polar bear or a siberian tiger than a human. Alex seems to be human but we’re not entirely sure. There are only two humans in our collective that we're sure of, and one of them is a child.

You question my motives for looking for looking for images of beautiful women who happen to be black? Ask Lo, she’s the one looking: she’s white, kind of pale, a Goth and a lesbian. The Aspect you keep referring to by bringing up that quote about transraced doesn’t pay any attention to coloration at all. That’s me now; you’ve brought me forward.

I once worked with a girl at work, even had a crush on her; worked with her for almost a year before I realized she was black, even though it would have been, frankly, obvious to most other people. I only realized this because an older coworker mentioned it to me. Hell, I have a friend on LJ, I’d seen his picture frequently for months and literally thought nothing of his color, never noticed it. He happened to mention one day that he was black. I’d had no idea; could have seen it easily if I cared about that sort of thing. Where my people come from, we come in any color combo one can imagine. I even saw a polka-dotted person once. Mere color means nothing to the Ah’Koi Bahnis. I will never understand the concept of using something as subtle and nonsensical as color to define race. Where I come from, asking for pictures of someone with dark brown skin is akin to asking for pictures of redheads or blondes. In fact, that metaphor probably is inaccurate, since you humans place an absurd amount of importance on even things as ridiculous as hair color.

You want a “race,” you silly humans? If you want to see a *real* race, you should imagine a world where one “race” lives on land and another has taken to living in the ocean. You humans do not come in races, you come in breeds. Hell, not even breeds! A poodle and a labradoodle have more genetic difference between them than pink humans and brown humans have between them. The whole concept of race is in itself racist, and I am disgusted to realize that it has in any way, shape, or form infected my mind.

You know what, as angry as you have made me, I must thank you: your words have made me decide to stop using that term, “transraced.” I am going to cleanse my mind of this infectious, cancerous human idea of “race” as thoroughly as I can.
I have never before understood Alex’s constant apparent hatred for humanity, especially since he also loves humanity at the same time. But I am beginning to get an inclination of its source. Humans are infuriating creatures!

Anyway, Lo is the one who was looking for these pictures. Gods, if I’d have known I was going to get bitched at by a troll about it, I’d have told her to use her own LJ to do it. I only used our main LJ because it was more convenient – we were already signed in.



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Jun. 3rd, 2009 01:36 am (UTC)
Heh....it's the truth, more or less.

As an alien, disputes between humans seem all equally incomprehensible to me. I find it hard to imagine why the USA would argue with Iran, for instance, or why humans consider themselves distinct from chimpanzees when other species are the same despite that.

In the Empire, Roes'in tend to use a mottled pattern on our skin to define it, lighter shades with a more stripedesque patterns tend to prevail, darker shades like the entire Baranin species (no Indigenous humans are even East Asian-Pale, let alone Northern European-Pale) are exceptionally rare. That makes a good amount of sense in our case, as we evolved in a context very like the Tundra as a large predatorial species.

But on the infuriating creatures bit....spend five days in the Empire. It will forever cure anyone of the notion that irritating fuckwits are a human invention. As a matter of fact, Baranin are a median race in that regard, neither excessively arrogant bastards nor Rousseauan saints. And I should know this quite clearly from mine own experience.

Anzaea Roes.
Jun. 3rd, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)
Yeah, people are probably pretty similar wherever you go.
Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
The Empire is 21 trillion sapient beings (more like 23 trillion if you count the various Non-Citizen species, but most people don't). Humans are at most about 900 million in a 21 trillion species list. And to we Oligarchs, humans are but a single one of our subject races throughout a very big Empire. We don't obsess over them in terms of subject races, either, and if it weren't for the fact that our current body chosen is human.....Baranen and Baranikin members of an analogue of the Crew would be damn thin on the ground, thinner than in the current one.

Anzaea Roes.
Jun. 3rd, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC)
is this the 'problem issue' you mentioned to me?
Did you ever see the movie, "Bullworth", with Warren Beatty (sp?). He played a politician who 'went after' the 'black' vote. He campaigned himself into craziness, mostly due to lack of sleep. Fun movie, but the reason I bring it up, is because he says one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE lines. He said, "I think we should all fuck each other, until we're all the same color".

I thought this might (?) be somewhat appropriate to what you're saying in this post. If not, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say hi, again =).
Jun. 5th, 2009 06:23 am (UTC)
Re: is this the 'problem issue' you mentioned to me?
That is amusing! LOL
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