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Key Bank just will not stop sucking

Well, I finally went and did it, started an account with US Bank, which as I said is nearby enough to walk or bike to, where my current bank (Key Bank) is a bus ride away. I won't close the Key accounts just yet because a couple checks haven't cleared yet. As soon as they do, I'm going to close out those accounts and then I'm going to tell Key Bank to go fuck themselves. Oh yeah, they did me a huge favor when I started out, by letting Brooke cash my cashier's check for me, but it didn't take long for them to start sucking. I went with Key out of thanks for that, without checking out what their fees and policies were. Couldn't get a savings account without $300 to start one with, their overdraft fees are enough to cause a small coronary, and their customer service is the worst I've ever seen in any bank I've ever been with.

And then, as if they hadn't pissed me off enough already, they did something else stupid. A few days ago I transferred $40 from my main account to the second account (which was supposed to eventually become a savings account) and had $42 and some-odd cents in the account after that. Then today I took out $40 from that account to start my new US Bank account with. Well guess what? It's frankly impossible, but they managed to put me in the hole on that account. And the site won't show me details, so I can't find out what happened. All it will tell me is that there is $40 which is a "hold," and doesn't explain it beyond that. So I emailed them, being as polite as I could be. Still, I can't think of anything that would even begin to resemble an acceptable answer to this bullshit. I don't write checks on that account, it has no debit card, the only time money goes on it or comes off is when I do online transfers, and I know for a fact that I had at least $42 on that account.

I will be sooooooo glad when I can finally tell Key to shove it.
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