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Getting unstuck

I figured out why I was stuck on my “Carbon And Silicon” story: I was giving 1st-person narration to a character that is a scientist, not a writer. And letting zir talk about zir past and childhood, which really is not terribly relevant to the story. I’ve had to scrap the entire thing and start over from the beginning, using my usual 3rd person omniscient selective narration style. Also starting with Earth, instead of Zedalphia Prime, as I did in the first draft.

Nice little history of the ASMI race (human-built machine sentiences) in the new attempt. These are essential to the story, I think. Without the ASMI, the Silicon Protectorate would probably kill off humanity to protect the dogmatic assertion that it is impossible for organic beings to develop sentience.

I have two main kinds of ASMI in the story: androids, and mechanoids. LOL! Just imagined the reaction the other machine races are going to have upon seeing a human, an android ASMI, and a mechanoid ASMI standing side-by-side-by-side. Especially the android ASMI! *Giggles*

It's doing quite well, so far, I think.
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