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Changing banks maybe

I'm seriously thinking about changing banks. I've been annoyed for some time that the only Key Bank branches I know of (and I know of four of them) are bus rides away, especially on those days I don't have either cash or bus tickets. Then a month or so ago I got hit by four different overdrafts in one day - the first three were $35 each, and the last was $100. And the idiots wouldn't refund the $100 one. They only refunded one of the $35 ones. So, I'm pissed at them. I still appreciate the fact that they were the only bank that would let Brooke cash my cashier's check for me before I had ID to start an account. But everything I've gone through with them since has made me want to find a bank that's easier to get to. (Plus, to start a savings account at Key Bank, you have to have at least $300.)

And I've finally found one! Haven't switched over yet, just got some information today. Anyway, I got this thing called a ReliaCard for my Oregon unemployement money. ReliaCard is done through USBank. While I was out exploring yesterday, I noticed there's a USBank just a block from the FredMeyer's I go to. Which makes it within easy walking distance!

Other good things: one option is opening a savings account along with a checking account. No minimum balance for either, though have to have at least $25 in the checking account for the first day. After that, it doesn't matter as long as I don't overdraw. Speaking of that, the savings account can be used to keep the checking account from overdrawing. And even if I do overdraw after that, the first overdraft fee is $19, second is $35, and it maxes out at $37.50! Plus, I've only been aware of US Bank for a few weeks and I already know several easy-to-get-to branches. And topping it off, he said they have ATMs all over the place, including at FredMeyer's. Oh, and they said they can get my unemployment benefits switched over to direct deposit!

I got some more information to take home, and I'm going to review that before I decide, but I'm leaning heavily towards starting an account with them. I've already decided to stop using my Key Bank debit card and write no more checks (if I can help it), pending my decision. I just need to make sure all my questions are answered first.
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