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A little bird told you...

  • 22:47 Neat: some lazytown pc videos that didn't used to work are working now! Dunno why they do, but glad they do! #
  • 22:49 Downloading a torrent that's been going practically nonstop since about this time last night. It's only halfway done. It's over a gig. #
  • 22:53 RT @paper_hand Oy ... very bad misspelling ... tinyurl.com/oj5yjw ^_^ #
  • 22:57 . @paper_hand I hread smohwere taht all you need is the frist and lsat lttres rghit for poeple to udsnerntd waht is bieg wettrin. #
  • 22:59 RT @sarahdopp "Jesus Had Two Dads, Why Cant I?" twitpic.com/618vq #
  • 23:02 Been clearing stuff out of HD - mostly videos - by burning to disks. Gone from 10 Gigs free to 19.9 Gigs free. YAY ME! #
  • 23:04 But I think as soon as I can I'm going to get an external thingamajig for the spare HD so I can plug it in and save stuff there. #
  • 23:09 What is it about autism that makes neurotypical ppl stupid & insane? Junk science claims autistics have premature puberty: is.gd/Glkx #
  • 23:14 @TheEllenShow Poker Face and Liquor Slit? :-D #
  • 23:16 RT @Jablair51 "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." -Abraham Lincoln #rejectprop8 #prop8 #
  • 23:20 @Jablair51 That would confuse me. #
  • 23:23 Do not be fooled by the twittercut worm! Twittercut.com is a computer worm! is.gd/GmJ6 #
  • 23:24 @Jablair51 Well it might be confusing at first, but if you need to disconnect your real name from it I don't think anyone would mind. #
  • 23:27 RT @RedheadWriting The word "normal" is a highly subjective measure of how fucked-up you perceive everyone else to be. #memebomb #
  • 23:51 Interesting info: the ly in bit.ly is the country code for Libya. The gd in is.gd is the country code for Grenada. is.gd/GpmD #
  • 23:52 Idea: URL shortening service a.re , re being country code for Réunion. Would like to use u.rl , but rl is not a country code. #
  • 23:54 And if you thought .tv was television, nope! It's the country code of Tuvalu: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuvalu #
  • 23:59 LOL! .fm is Federated States of Micronesia! #
  • 00:01 Ha! I found a new URL shortening service: i.am/ #
  • 00:06 @paper_hand They should sell human milk in stores! XD #
  • 00:08 @drjon Use Opera. It will rock your world. #
  • 00:10 That 1.6 Gig file I've been downloading for the last day or two is now 75.6% done. 1.2 gigs of it have been downloaded. #
  • 00:12 Yup, it's only when I use Opera on this computer that Yahoo keeps logging me out. Lilla's laptop, which is now working again, no problem. #
  • 00:18 Conductive body paint makes new art form, AKA "pole dancing 2.0" = bit.ly/4m3G7 #
  • 00:23 @drjon I'm not sure, I don't really use extensions. #
  • 00:23 Breaking news: Eris turns South Korea into an island, citing long history of N & S Koreas not getting along. #yogap #fakenews #
  • 01:09 1.425 gigs of 1.6. 88% complete. (Gods, I'm watching the download counter. I officially have no life.) #
  • 01:13 YHWH, Joseph, & Mary were a polyamorous triad. Jesus married a hooker & hung around w/ 12 dudes who followed him everywhere. #jesushad2dads #
  • 01:15 So maybe his 12 disciples = his 12 gay lovers? #jesushad2dads #
  • 01:16 OMG, & he preached about making love, not war! Jesus was a polyamorous hippy! #jesushad2dads #
  • 01:21 I think those who oppose gay marriage are against it because on some level they don't want marriage to be between equals. #opposeprop8 #
  • 01:26 #newwords Punnilingus [puhn-l-ing-guhs] = the act or practice of orally stimulating a punster. #newword #
  • 01:33 Call me blasphemous, but I really don't like cake frosting. #
  • 01:34 I like cake, though. #
  • 01:52 @drjon Context? #
  • 01:53 David Wolman thinks the US gov't should stop making physical money, as it costs too much to make: is.gd/Gz9h #
  • 03:53 94.5%! 1.53 gigs of 1.6! #
  • 04:00 *crack knuckle* *crack knuckle* *crack index finger knuckle by pulling to the side* CA-RACK!!! *recoils in fear* Holy _SHIT_ that was LOUD! #
  • 04:02 No pain, though. Not even a tiny bit. All sound and fury, signifying nothing but some popped air bubbles in my joints. #
  • 04:22 Fan-made Green Lantern trailer is made of pure, undiluted, 24 karet WIN! bit.ly/nNSSm #
  • 05:38 I love Hello Kitty, but this snarky anti-HK post is hilarious! www.kittyhell.com/?p=1477 #
  • 07:34 World's smallest snake is no bigger than an earthworm: bit.ly/irDGZ #
  • 07:35 RT @paper_hand "Whenever I hear a man arguing in favor of slavery, I am tempted to suggest he try it out himself" - Abraham Lincoln ^_^ #
  • 07:36 Top new strange species, includes a bacterium that lives in cans of hairspray! www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/05/strangespecies/ #
  • 07:41 98.7%! 1.6 gigs of what is actually 1.622 gigs. #
  • 08:08 Canada's govenor eats seal heart, supports hunters. is.gd/GZAC Grrr! I want to see a seal eat *her* heart! #

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May. 27th, 2009 09:24 pm (UTC)
is a list of the ISO country codes, all of which are reserved as top-level domains.

BTW, .tv has been used by transvestite sites. :-)

Yup, it's only when I use Opera on this computer that Yahoo keeps logging me out. Lilla's laptop, which is now working again, no problem.

Check the browser settings on the two machines, especially the ones about cookies.

Call me blasphemous, but I really don't like cake frosting.

Great, I'll eat your frosting. :-)

Killing cash has this one *major* drawback. Cash isn't readily traceable. Emoney is *inherently* traceable, and, in fact, you have to work hard to make it *somewhat* untraceable.

Having someone able to subpeona records of everything I bought is not a good thing. Even worse if they can (as is quite likely) get the info just by leaning on the bank.

That's why stores are so happy to give you those discounts for using the store cards. That lets them build a profile of what sort of things you buy. Which means you get more ads sent to the address you gave them when you got the card.

May. 28th, 2009 04:05 am (UTC)
I also prefer cash because it's easier to regulate spending that way. You can decide to leave the house with a specific amount of money, and be sure of not spending any more than that amount.

Also, I find it a lot easier to remember what I've spent when I use cash. The act of counting out the money and receiving change helps me remember better. With a card, you do exactly the same thing whether you're buying a bottle of soda or whether you're buying a month's worth of groceries.
May. 30th, 2009 02:19 am (UTC)
Our Gov General is apparently a Klingon and I am so proud.
May. 30th, 2009 02:55 am (UTC)
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