The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

A ponderment

I was just thinking again about the article in the post this links to, and a thought occurred to me. I've often heard Asperger's called "the geek's disease" because of how many Aspies are geeks, and how many geeks are Aspies. Pondering the study's finding that Aspies are possibly overwhelmed by the emotions of others, it stands to reason that, as a result, there would be a high degree of introverted people amongst Aspies, since the effects would tend to drive Aspies away from other people so that, at the very least, they could recharge and recouperate. Which leads me to ponder: maybe Asperger's turns people into geeks. Obviously, it doesn't account for *all* geeks, but it stands to reason that, driven away from other people because you can't cope with their emotions, you turn to other interests. There are many different kinds of geeks, after all - computer geeks, language geeks, art geeks, gaming geeks, pokemon geeks, etc - so it seems to me that if one can't be around other people for long, one becomes introverted and potentially geeky regardless of how they might have turned up if not for being an Aspie.
Tags: asperger's, issues, thought of the day
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