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A little bird told you...

  • 16:59 Dunno why, by Yahoo Mail seems to no longer grasp the simple concept of "keep me logged in for 2 weeks" & keeps asking me to login. #
  • 17:01 Just applied online to Jamba Juice. *Crosses fingers* #
  • 19:13 5 things you think will make you happy but won't = #
  • 20:52 10 celebrity twitters actually worth reading: #
  • 22:18 OMG! LOL! 7 items you won't believe are actually legal: #
  • 00:43 My darn right arm has been hurting me all damn day long. I think I might have slept on it weirdly. #
  • 00:43 @paper_hand It got itself lost in the tubes somewhere. #
  • 03:00 Neat= A picture of many famous people. Hover your cursor over their picture & there're links to their Wikipedia entries. #
  • 03:03 Add to the list of odd Yahoo behavior: just clicked on an attachment and it redirected the page to Yahoo's splash page. o_O #
  • 03:03 *Sigh* And, of course, logged me out. *^*($&#*&$@)(*$*#(^$*(#^ #
  • 03:09 Race car made of vegetables runs on chocolate: What a waste of perfectly good chocolate! #
  • 03:32 When lobster was spam: 5 gourmet foods that used to be cheap = #
  • 04:04 Japanese mythology is awesome and disgusting= #

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