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As I mentioned in a previous post, I got my tax refund. Over $700! This is relevant here because I decided to celebrate with something I haven't gotten myself for ages because I couldn't afford it, a rare treat: a new CD. I got it from Amazon, a CD called "The Greatest Show Unearthed" by a group called Creature Feature, which I already know is awesome. Also, partly to get free shipping and partly because "Tales of Beedle the Bard" wasn't enough to quench my book need, I got a book as well. (A book of lesbian erotica called "Wet.")1 :-)

Anyway, I got an email from Amazon saying that because I'd bought music, I was getting a promotional thing of $1 off an MP3 song or album purchase. So I decided to use it. Found what looked like a new album by Danna Paola (at least, it was one I don't have and didn't recognize). I played samples, and sure enough I didn't have any of those songs. It was like $3 after the $1 off promotional thing, so I figured "why not?" I am now buckling down again. But this was totally worth it. I looooooove music and get so bored with recycling old music and scavaging new stuff from whatever crap they have available at the library, it's refreshing to finally be getting some music I actually like again.

1 = Hey, I don't have any, and I like it. I got through my teenage years on one book of erotica stolen from Dad that had a grand total of one lesbian story in it; it was the only homoerotic story in the whole book. But it had this whole CHAPTER of incest stories. I think you see now where I get it. :-D Sadly, that book, which also happened to be pink, got misplaced over the years. And it was falling apart anyway.
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