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Happy Mother's Day!

Nwoikis Ihndohn Seh Lahsahn-maak!

Which is Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog (TPNN, one of my conlangs) for "Happy Mother's Day!" (Literally "Happy Day Of Mother-ness!")

Cah'roh kohrain la da-lahsahn Thiin rahk bain kohraisahk korrora veh kohrain da-ahkahlah.
Translation: May all the mothers I know be blessed forever and (in) all ways.
(Pronunciation advice: the r's are pronounced with a trill, like in "Rrruffles have rridges." It's a recent change I made to the language. "Korrora" is said like "korr-rroar-rra")

(Note to self: need words for "among," "amongst," and "list.")

By the way, about a week ago I spent several hours trying to sort the mass of unordered words in the file I have all my TPNN words in, into some semblance of ABC order. So far I'm just sorting A words into the A column and so on, not doing any more alphabetizing than that. Gods, there was like 13 pages of unordered words and I'm only half done after spending something like 4 or 5 hours sorting them like that. And I ain't done yet.


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May. 12th, 2017 02:32 pm (UTC)
Happy Mother's Day
For my mom, Sunday’s going to be a very happy Mother’s Day!
Why, you may be asking yourself? It’s simply because she gets to spend it with me and Sean. We originally wanted to take her out to lunch, but she wants to cook for us. We’re also going to help her in the yard—something I haven’t done since last year, and we agreed to make a tradition out of it. (Boy, do I hope my allergies behave. I’m going to have to use my nose spray when I take my meds before we go.)
Sean and my mom have developed a bond. He has already told her of his mom passing away a few years ago, and it seems like my mom has filled that gap. She’d do anything she can to help both of us out when we absolutely need it. Who could ask for a better Mom? Nothing is going to be more exciting than having her take us for the day, enjoying homecooking and playing games on her special day.
Two weeks after this, a birthday present she gets—the adoption of a new puppy. But, me and Sean have a present for her—helping her take care of the puppy by helping train him, even playing with him—either if we come up, or if she brings the puppy to visit us.
Boy, are my allergies bad again today! I hope they’re not aggravating me in two days. I don’t feel like being miserable like I am today. I’d really like to enjoy my time away—possibly helping Mom in the kitchen with Sean’s help, or beating them both at Connect Four throughout the day.
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