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"Phoebe In Wonderland" review

I saw the movie "Phoebe In Wonderland" at kengr's place the other day. It stars Elle Fanning, the 11 year old younger sister of my favorite actress, Dakota Fanning. This is the first movie I've seen Elle in since she was about 5, and she wasn't very good at the time (well, she was 5. Just because Dakota could out-act adult actresses at about the same age doesn't mean Elle could), and I have to say I think she's getting almost as good as Dakota.

In "Phoebe In Wonderland," Elle plays Phoebe, a young girl with what looks a lot like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, despite some symptoms that don't quite fit. It turns out to be some form of Tourette's Syndrome instead, I didn't catch the whole name. Anyway, going on: to escape from the effects of this, she starts acting in the school play about Alice In Wonderland, a fantasy she gets lost in outside of the play itself, as well.

My thoughts: An awesome movie! Elle does a spectacular job. But I had some issues with the movie. Phoebe's mother is heavily in denial about Phoebe having a mental illness throughout most of the movie, Phoebe's therapist is either inept or is trying to use Phoebe to prove some theory (we never find out which) and gives off a very creepy vibe. The teachers are HORRIBLE and should not even be allowed to teach adults, let alone children. (I especially loathe the whole "only ask questions when it is time to ask questions" BS. Please please PLEEEEEASE tell me there aren't really schools this horrible! I'm begging you!) The Principal looks like he should be an accountant or a bank manager and has the charm and charisma of a bloated corpse floating on a river. He also does the very sucktastic thing of interrogating Phoebe *AFTER SHE ATTEMPTS SUICIDE* and is not well in the head anyway, just so he can get ammunition with which to fire her drama teacher, whom he seems to blame for Phoebe's "accident." And no wonder! She's an awesome teacher, coolest teacher in that whole school. Not hard to do, of course; she's the one delightful weirdo amongst the normals, and she *GASP* treats the children like human beings! (Shock! Dismay! The horror!) </sarcasm>

But, despite several moments that were agonizing to watch (there were a few times I wanted to reach into the screen and beat the Principal to death with his own severed arm), it was - on the whole - a good movie with a happy ending, and I give it 4 thumbs up. (Out of a possible 5.)
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