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I was compiling a list of nursing homes in the area to apply at the other day, doing it on the library computers because my desktop PC has a spaz attack every time I try to get it on Google Maps, and I dare not try my laptop on Google Maps - it struggles so much with regular websites like Yahoo mail and Livejournal that it would probably roll over and die if I tried to get it to use Google Maps.

Anyway, I was kind of bored spending a whole solid hour collecting this information and writing down directions, so I made it into a game by being silly yet informational at the same time. So get a load of how I did that:

Nursing homes

Care Service Options, Inc.
1746 NE 50thPortland, OR 97213

1. Go to street with mailboxes on it or to Halsey.
2. Go to 50th.
3. Go Sandyward along 50th till you get to 1746 NE 50th.


Providence Portland Med Center
4805 NE Glisan StPortland, OR 97213

1. Go up to 60th MAX station. Keep going to Glisan.
2. Turn Right on Glisan.
3. Go down Glisan almost to 47th.
4. Yeeha there you are.


Noble House Inc. Portland Eldercare
9240 NE Schuyler St.Portland, OR 97220

1. Take 77 to stop just before bridge.
2. Go left onto street that goes toward where Stacy's house used to be.
3. Turn right at NE Schuyler Street.
4. Go on to the address.


Prestige Care Inc
8643 NE Beech StPortland, OR 97220

1. 77 to 82nd.
2. 72(?) Sandyward to Beech Street.
3. I'm pretty sure which one that is, I used to live by it.


Marquis Care of Mt Tabor
6040 SE Belmont St

1. The route to Freddy's.
2. Keep on 67th past Freddy's.
3. Continue into NE Gilham Ave.
4. Turn right at E Burnside.
5. Turn left at SE 61st ave.
6. Turn left at SE Belmont.
7. You're right on top of it.


(This next one I had this huge list, I think I was on #7 when I realized I could make it so much simpler) =

Porthaven Health Care Center
5330 NE Prescott StPortland, OR 97218

1. Go to Brooke's.
2. Continue along Prescott till you're there.


St Andrews Care Center
7617 SE Main StPortland, OR 97215

1. Go 82ndward along Halsey.
2. Turn right at 71st.
3. Turn left at SE Thorburn.
4. Turn right at 76th.
5. Turn left at SE Main.
6. It's on Main you dolt.
7. I think it's on the left side of the street.


Lawrence Convalescent Center
812 SE 48th AvePortland, OR 97215

1. Portlandward along Halsey.
2. MAXstopward along 60th.
3. Right onto SE Stark.
4. Left at SE 48th Avenue.
5. Almost all the way to Belmont.
6. Well shucks, George.


Glisan Care Center
9750 NE Glisan StPortland, OR 97220

1. Go to Glisan.
2. Take the Glisan bus to just past 94th.
3. On the left side of Glisan, methinks.
4. Did I mention Glisan is involved?
5. Glee-san? Glee-chan?


1. 77 to 102nd.
2. Turn thy ass rightward 'long 102nd.
3. WELL SHIIIT, scratch that: MAX Blue line to Gresham, off at 102nd.
4. If it'd'a been an adder, you'd'a been subtracted.
5. Of course, had it been an adder, you would not be likely to have been looking for it.


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(Deleted comment)
Apr. 19th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
I must cry fowl! I am no duck! I am Schroedinger's Bird!
Apr. 19th, 2009 06:07 am (UTC)
Be funny if you got the one near my place. :-)
Apr. 19th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah it would, wouldn't it? :-) I could visit after work!
Apr. 19th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
Or before work. Don't forget that they'll have 24/7 coverage.

When I worked in a nursing home kitchen, we only had to cover morning and evening. So we had only three shifts:

morning shift, 4 days on, 2 days off.
Evening shift, 4 days on, 2 days off
"fill" shift, 2 days morning, 2 days evening, 2 days off.
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