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The other night kengr and I finally saw "Hounddog" starring Dakota Fanning. I think it's a very beautiful and touching movie, angering in some points and sad in others. Definetely a movie to see. Excellent movie about not letting hardships take your life from you.

And OMG, after all the hype about the rape scene, I was expecting it to be some kind of full-body pantomime with Dakota in a flesh-colored body stocking, but it consisted only of this:

1. Boy makes Dakota's character (DC) sing and dance for him, nothing NSFW yet (NNSFWY).
2. Boy makes DC take off her outer dress, NNSFWY.
3. Boy makes DC take off her second dress. What she's wearing underneath is technically underwear (and undershirt), but we already saw it earlier in the movie since she used it as a bathing suit before. NNSFWY.
4. Cut to head and shoulders shot. Boy makes DC take her underwear and undershirt off. Still nothing NSFW yet.
5. The rape. Which is just some noise, some screaming and protests, and cut to head-and-shoulders view of DC on the ground in the mud.
6. Occasional cuts to DC's hand getting pierced by an exposed nail.

My reaction: "All that hype for THAT? There's more graphic content than that in JC Penny's catalogs!"
Seriously, anyone who would get off on that scene would have gotten off on the rest of the movie first, and would get off on JC Penny's catalogs. Serious anticlimax, no pun intended. I mean, I've heard of or seen older movies with worse stuff. There wasn't even any nudity in this movie. Well, there was, but it was hidden by how the scene was set up. I can understand protesting movies like "Pretty Baby," but this one... good gods, people.
Tags: movies, that was anticlimactic, wtf
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