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There are 100 kittens dancing in the back of my brain to the Macarena


New Portland company delivers large loads with bikes to cut down on delivery trucks clogging up traffic.

Woman suffers stroke, now has a phantom THIRD ARM!

Fun video of Earth from the POV of Martians!

posthuman_blues kind of mocks this, but I think Segway's new PUMA looks pretty awesome.

inkytwist wanted to know what this is, and everyone's making smart-aleck remarks, even me. I said "Antarctica in 2 years."

Bizarre extinct Buddhist sect in Japan which participated in extreme self-inflicted torture in search of enlightenment. See, Christians don't have a monopoly on beliefs that contradict the teachings of their founder!

Video: Pocket phonograph, the proto-Walkman!

If you think the American version of LazyTown is weird, get a load of the Icelandic version! I still like it though!

Can't breathe... laughing too hard!

And since these potpourri posts don't have enough embedded videos in them, I give you Danna Paola singing "Chiquita Pero Picosa," with what seems to be a cameo by the Macarena dude toward the end:

(I find it amusing that Latin dancing always looks incredibly sexy even in inappropriate places such as this video by a child singer. And no, not Danna's dancing, but the stuff around 4:05.)
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