The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Unusual dreams last night

I had a highly unusual dream last night. Unusual in that it was so detailed that despite the colors being a little dull, I thought it was really happening. And not in the way that people normally feel a dream is really happening. I mean that I remember thinking, "Wait, how'd I get here? Last I knew, I was asleep. Is this a dream? No, it has to be real, the details are impeccable. Yeah, this is real. How did I get here?"

I am so totally not exaggerating. In the dream, I was outside somewhere in a woodsy kind of place, but not *too* woodsy because it was kind of clear. I suspect this was because I was on the side of a hill with rocks. And the level of detail... WOW! I could see the rocks, the trees, the grass, even the dirt in a level of clarity and detail that I've never seen before in a dream or even in conscious imagining. And it was in color! It was like I was really there. In fact, despite being confused about how I'd gotten there, I accepted it as real, figuring it was just dusk (hence the slight dullness of the colors). There I was for maybe 15 minutes, walking around and exploring the area, even climbing up some big rocks, until I woke up.

And before I got there, I had a connector dream that had me riding in the passenger's side of a car, just waking up in the dream from a nap. There was no one in the driver's side, but the car was driving me through some very scenic areas; the level of detail was almost as good as what came later. I think I fell asleep again in the dream and when I woke up there I was in that hyper-realistic dream.

I hope I have that experience again sometime.
Tags: cool stuff, dreams
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